Post of False Ceiling Designs on 2021 Dec 21st at 09:56:45

false ceiling works in hyderabad

Post of False Ceiling Designs on 2021 Dec 21st at 09:56:45

A false ceiling is a horizontal layer that covers the top of the room. It is usually made of Gypsum board or PVC board which are mounted on a beam running across the length of the ceiling. The purpose of false ceilings is to provide an attractive finished look, but also to create visual space, insulate and provide sound protection.

There are three types of false ceilings

  • False ceiling installed on top of the existing ceiling
  • False ceiling installed on top of joists
  • False Ceiling installed below the floor level

False ceiling is a term used to describe the covering or false roof of a building. A false ceiling can be made from plywood, Gypsum board, PVC sheeting, fiberglass, and other materials. The use of a false ceiling is not limited to commercial buildings. It is also used in homes to create the illusion that the room height is greater than it actually is. For example: in a small room with low ceilings and furniture occupying much of the floor space, the builder may install a second layer of drywall just below the existing ceiling and paint it white or another light color to make it look like it’s higher up off the ground.

False ceilings are more versatile than they seem on the surface. They can be used in many different ways and for numerous purposes. False ceilings offer an easy way to make your home look like it came out of a magazine. It can be used to create an illusion of height, cover up ugly surfaces, or give the illusion of more space. False ceilings are more durable than they might seem. Gypsum board and PVC board both hold up well and don’t require any special kind of paint or sealant to make them last as long as you want them to stay in place.

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