Interior Design Company

A unique Design House which prides itself in using the best in-house interior designers, as well as the best expertise in their respective fields .We specialize in the interior design both for residential interiors and commercial interiors along with thought provoking art installations. The client and projects dictate the vision that we put forward rather than what is within our comfort zone which is why Nex Interiors itself from other interior designers.

How is Nex Interiors different from other interior design companies?

If we have to answer in one simple line, we would say that every project is more than just another interior design project to us. At Nex Interiors, our interior designers believe in bringing to life dreams and Interior Designing is the method to reach there. Be it commercial interior designs, interior decoration or luxury interior designs, our team conducts a thorough research and analyzes the user expectation. We embed users’ thoughts in order to create the best interior design for home and office interior that makes any habitat a masterpiece.

Why Choose Us

Nex Interiors has got great insights into modern interior design Scientific yet contemporary interior design- Your ideas are processed with the help of our unique analytical tools.  Following the first process, our design team expertise the detailed analysis from the Idea & Concept stage to create computer graphic model of the interior design.

Excellent Design

Every aspect of our creation is customized to have a design differentiation. We assure our clients of high-quality project management and execution of the approved interior designs, creating spaces and creative offices which make your dream space come true. . From a fashion designer office to corporate office interior Nex Interiors team has got it all covered.

Idea and concept

At this stage, our team processes inputs with the help of our unique analytical tools. We evaluate the architectural and interior decoration projects keeping your narrative in mind to come up with interior design ideas that fits with your vision.

Design and Create

Our top interior designers use a detailed analysis from the Idea & Concept stage to create computer graphic model (CGI) of the interior design. The interior design work and interior decor furnishing go through multiple stages to make sure that lifestyle and user experience elements are embedded in the final output.

Build and Execute

Post approval from clients for either the architecture elevations or interior designing or interior furniture, the concept design is processed for execution. The execution is managed and supervised by our in-house experts to deliver efficiency and ensure we deliver on the committed timeline.